What kind of information will be collected?


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Hello! If you're reading this, you must be interested in learning more about "Web Indexing" or "Whitehat VPN" as mentioned on the consent screen or in close proximity to the opt-out option within the application.

If you haven't opted in yet, it's important to note that Whitehat VPN is currently inactive. The following text assumes that you are contemplating whether or not to opt in and are looking for supplementary details. If you accessed this page through the app and the Web Indexing feature is enabled, it indicates that at some point, you granted permission for Whitehat VPN to utilize your device to assist in indexing the Internet and anonymously gather publicly available web data such as online prices and reviews.

Whitehat VPN possesses no knowledge of your personal information. We do not monitor your activities online nor track your movements. Our sole purpose is to anonymously download publicly accessible web pages.

Here are some examples of the types of websites your device will typically index:

30%: amazon.com

30%: google.com

20%: walmart.com

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