is it safe, is it a virus?


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Due to the free feature, many people doubt whether white hat VPNs carry viruses and infringe on users' computers to make money. To answer this question, you can deny it from the following points:

    1. Whitehat VPN passed multiple known anti-virus apps(AppEsteem, Avast, AVG, McAfee, etc.) and it's on multiple download sites(Softpedia, AlternativeTo, Google App Store, etc.) 


    2. Whitehat VPN have passed plenty of formal companies' code signature


    3. All hackers, including some ransomware, try to hide their identities, but we don’t, Our company is registered in the UK. Whitehat vpn can only be put on the google play store after the real-name authentication of Google’s developers. No one will be a hacker openly, because it is easy to be arrested by the police.

    4. Can be completely uninstalled. When you don't want to use our vpn, you can completely delete it from the control panel, instead of permanently residing in the user's computer like a malicious program

    5. There is no log, no privacy/data collection, and no personal information required(email, tel number, and credit/debit card) in Whitehat VPN. Many malware are collecting user browsing records, identity information, but we do not, because we do not need any registration. The server does not have any user information, Whitehat vpn do not steal user account information, because it is of no value to us, most of the theft of user information is caused by some illegal plug-in programs.

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